1. How long do I need to keep medical records? 
10 years past the last date of service. For minor records, 10 years after the patient turns 18.

2. How many CE hours do I need each year?
20 hours total: 1 hour of jurisprudence, 4 hours of risk management and 15 hours of clinical science. 

3. Can I take 40 hours of CE in one year, instead of 20 in two years?
No, you must take 20 hours each year. 

4. Can I take any CE online?
Yes, up to half of your CE credit may be taken online. A total of 20 hours per two-year renewal period.

5. When should I have a patient since a Medicare ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notice)?
A patient should sign an ABN when the doctor believes Medicare will not pay for an adjustment, most usually because the patient is moving from active care to maintenance care. Once signed, it is good for one year. ABNs do NOT need to be signed for services not covered by Medicare; however, doctors are encouraged to educate patients on what Medicare does and does not cover.

6. Can I perform physicals?
Chiropractors may sign health certificates; however, each institution may choose whether to accept physicals performed by chirorpractors.

7. How much can I charge for providing photocopies of records?
Click here for approved rates: https://dch.georgia.gov/medical-records-retrieval-rates

8. A patient hasn't paid me and is requesting his records. Can I keep the records until I have been paid?
No. When patients request their records, you must provide them within 30 days whether you have been paid or not.

9. I'm retiring/closing my office. What do I do with patient records?
You must post a legal notice of closing in your local legal organ (newspaper) that states the date of closing and how patients may retrieve records. You must give a minimum of 30 days for patients to retrieve records.

10. When do I have to renew my license?
Every even year by December 31.

11. Does GCA offer physiotherapy classes?
No. This is the closest company that does: http://sports-seminars.com/physiotherapy-for-chiropractors/